My Yeti

Over the weekend Olive was scampering in such a clumsy and doofus-y way that Darrell looked at her and called her a "Yeti-doodle". It made me laugh out loud AND reminded me that I hadn't paired her new Wood in the Wild YETI(!!!) tag with her new black Papi and Company collar. And then I… Continue reading My Yeti

Vermont Looks Good on Her

The weather is weird. We've gotten a total of mayyyybe 1 inch of snow in SW Connecticut over the last few months. It's WEIRD. This weekend we decided we needed snow and space, vistas, mountains, and adventure. I love hiking in the Hudson Valley near where we live but I realized recently that I really… Continue reading Vermont Looks Good on Her

A Weekend in Portland, Maine

We moved to Portland! Well, at least for the month of August. We made it in late Friday night after the actual most dramatic afternoon of trying to capture the bears. 5 hours of pure, unadulterated torture, complete with fire and urine. Story to come. After sleeping in on Saturday, we decided to go out… Continue reading A Weekend in Portland, Maine

Put on your oxygen mask before assisting other passengers

Dear Diary, This is what he was elected to do. This - these judicial appointments - is what I was most scared of leading up to November. This is how he will Make America Great Again. And this is how 40 years of progress roll off a cliff. I'm signing off of the news for… Continue reading Put on your oxygen mask before assisting other passengers

The Bear Bulletin: Vol 7 (Deluxe Edition)

This is part of an ongoing series in which I round up a week's worth of bear photos along with some thoughts on my photography. ¬†You can find previous volumes of The Bear Bulletin¬†here. I played with our 16mm lens this week and had more fun shooting around than I have in a few months.… Continue reading The Bear Bulletin: Vol 7 (Deluxe Edition)